How States Institute Competitive Balance.

    • Some states separate public and private schools for the playoffs.  Virginia, Texas, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland all have some form of separate playoffs for public and private schools.
    • Some states have a multiplier.  Private schools, or other schools with similar advantages, have their enrollment number increased.  This keeps public schools and private school playing each other, but most private schools, and potentially some public schools depending on the system, have to play in higher divisions.  Arkansas (1.75), Georgia (1.5), Illinois (1.65), Missouri (1.35), and Ohio have multipliers for the playoffs.  The number in the parenthesis represents the number that you multiply the school’s enrollment number by. Click on the state to learn more.
    • At least one state, Indiana, reclassifies teams based on past tournament success.
    • At least one state, Oregon, reduces enrollment by .25 for each student on free and reduced lunch..